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Sunday, July 15, 2012


~"The One Who Can Bow Down To God, Can Stand Up To Anything"~
Before performing Salah/Prayer have you ever thought that:

♥ While you are listening to Adhan, the Compeller of heaven and earth is calling you to meet Him?

♥ While you are making Wudu, you are preparing yourself to meet The KING of all the King...s?

♥ While you are on the road to go to the Masjid or going to your prayer mat , you are responding the call of Allah, the Great Lord of the Mighty Throne !

♥ While you are making Takbirat al Ihram, you are standing between the hands of you Creator The Authoritative

♥ While you are reciting Surat Al Fatiha, you are in a private and intimate conversation with Your Lord, The All Hearing, The All Knowing

♥ While you are performing the gestures of Salat, Angels (whose number is known only by God), are still in ruku and others are still in sujud for thousands of years!

♥ While you are in sujud, you are in the greatest and the most beautiful place: near to your Lord, The One and Only !!

♥ while you are making tasleem (salams at the end of prayer), the most beautiful feeling that you can have in that moment is that you can’t wait the next salat to meet your Lord The Most Compassionate, The Merciful !!

" Oh Allah grant persons who read this the highest level of Al Jannah, and save them from hell fire, ameen "